29 Mar 2019

Analytics-driven content marketing to win in decision-making moments

Tech Wire Asia

CONTENT marketing is a stealthy branding tool when used properly.

Unfortunately, not all businesses are doing it right and may handicap without a sound content strategy in the digital era.

This is especially true as billions of daily active users on digital platforms get fed an endless stream of content. Businesses that want their brand voice heard amid the noise will need to up the ante.

As a result, businesses are turning to technology for leverage.

Though, that is not surprising at all as analytics-infused content marketing can certainly reach deeper into the psyche of consumers.

Regardless of industry, analytics-driven content can help businesses build stronger relationships with their consumers. Here’s how.

Step 1 | Watch closely and ask good questions

Businesses can identify their audience profile and understand them through data points.

Naturally, this will help with knowing how to kick start conversations with consumers and respond to problems and queries effectively.

Step 2 | Be very, very specific

A picture paints a thousand words and data analytics provide petabytes of information. Analytics can show not only problems and queries but also consumers’ interests and demographics.

With a lead on all things, marketers can design effective content that truly connects with consumers.

Step 3 | Mass personalize

Analytics-driven content enables mass expansion in a very personalized way. This is to say, an identified user persona will serve as a blueprint for the content creation process.

This is to attract more of the same market. Consequently, content marketing can help grow the market.

Step 4 | Position for effective visibility

Once a user persona is identified, businesses can use the persona to design their digital campaigns to ensure effective visibility.

Each persona is different and only data can tell what format and channel will get the most eyeballs.

Step 5 | Create a continuous feedback loop

Usually, marketers will have several campaigns running at a go. With more analytics, a business can further measure and refine their campaigns to assess effectiveness.

Thus, brands will also find their voice clearer and making a greater impact over time.

At the end of the day, good content marketing can deepen brand awareness of a business. This is so that it’s constantly at the back of consumers’ minds.

On top of that, it can empower consumers in knowing the brand has what they need and want. This helps build brand confidence amongst consumers and will come in handy when the decision-making moment comes along.

In the digital era, those moments come quite often.

So, while content marketing can be tedious, anything that connects and build loyalty and trust is definitely worth the while.

Read article at https://techwireasia.com/2019/03/analytics-driven-content-marketing-to-win-in-decision-making-moments/?fbclid=IwAR35J7GaArgiqie-0hH37x6_uJFW0tW6tMkcEXmeSw6ZPoBEIbUFLPRmEGQ

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