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Despite advances to humanise artificial intelligence, it is a far-fetched future in which the technology around us will be able to feel and convey emotion. Automation, bots and analytics – all of these are increasingly pivotal in a successful business today, but can they ever replace the human element?

This first edition of Technology for Marketing will explore the value of harnessing the human aspect of marketing in an increasingly digital world. Join us to discover how a focus on the human touch can re-engage customers, inspire new channels for interaction, and unlock opportunities for maximising revenue.

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Customer Experience & Martech Theatre

Advances in technology and new business models are leading to fundamental changes in the way marketers can engage with their customers. Acquiring and retaining customers, delivering the right experience, interacting at the right time, and marketing through the right channels – it all boils down to using the right data with the right marketing practices. This theatre will cover all stages of an effective big data marketing strategy, from storage and analysis to taking action and delivering ROI. Hear from key decision makers on the latest technologies and tools to improve your customer experience and pick up the best tips and takeaways to inspire your content marketing. This will be a priority agenda for those with a keen eye on the latest innovations and tech trends shaping the future of marketing and advertising.

Topics Featured:

  • Personalisation
  • MarTech
  • Customer Experience
  • Loyalty Programme
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing


Panel Discussion include:

Panel discussion – Dialogue with the CMOs – Innovation Shaping New Marketing Frontiers

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